Retract-a-gate review

A Review Of Retract-A-Gate Safety Gate

Do you want to confine your child or pet in a certain area in the house or when out on a trip? Retract-A-Gate has proven to be an excellent safety gate for that particular purpose.

We are going to review the safety gate and see how it is best suitable for use. If you’re wondering, a safety gate prevents babies or pets from entering areas you don’t want them to enter with a safety barrier that is friendly to them and can’t hurt them, but effective enough to keep them in the restricted area of your choice, to keep them away from stairs which could be dangerous.

Retract A Gate

The safety gate is JPMA certified for use at the top and bottom of the stairs. The JPMA is the Juvenile Products Manufacturers association, is an association that enlightens the product users on how to use the gate safely. The association developed a certification system, whereby they test products so that they make sure they are safe for use on baby, pets or on other fragile uses. The Retract-A-Gate safety gate passed this test and moreover, the products are also tested annually to ensure safety measures are upto standard.

Retract-A-Gate safety gate is certified for use on children between the age of 6 months to 2 years. You may be wondering why JPMA certified the safety gate to that age limit. Well, safety gates are designed in a way that the locks are easy for the adults to operate but at the same time they are hard for toddlers to open, as you have to push and turn the lock at the same time t unlock. Toddlers between the age of 2 months and 2 years cannot learn how to open the locks unless someone shows them how to do so. But after the age of 2 years, children are old enough to master how the safety gate is unlocked and therefore it may not be effective after the age of 2 years.

Durable for use on cats and dogs too.

The safety gate has proven durable enough even when used to keep cats and dogs away from the stairs. It is scratch resistant so no matter how the cat or dog scratches it, it remains strong and will serve you for quite a long time. The mesh used on the safety gate is tough and also non toxic so it won’t harm your little pets. But for pets that will most probably chew on the gate, it is advisable you use metal gates as the mesh will be easily ruined when chewed.

Hard for your pets or child to jump over

The mesh used on the safety gate is tightly woven together which makes it hard for children or pets to climb in an attempt to jump over. The Retract-A-Gate has a height of 34 Inches, which is one of the available tallest retractable safety gates and therefore it would take a lot for a pet to jump over or a baby to climb over. Did you also know that cats cannot jump over barriers like dogs do?

Cat Proof?

Cats need a platform to first land on to on top of the barrier so they can go ahead and jump down on the other side. Rather selfish and careful. The Retract-A-Gate safety gate doesn’t have such a platform on top so there is no way a cat is going to jump over the gate. It is also important for you to be careful when mounting. Make sure that the mesh is tightly held and installed correctly, to minimize chances of the child or the pet going under the gate. Follow the
instructions carefully or get some help installing it.

Automatic unwinding

Retract-A-Gate safety gate is self-retracting and when you unwinding it, it unwinds. This is makes it easy to use to use and less tedious. To prevent it from retracting when in use, make sure the mesh is tightly held by the bars at both sides. When done using it, you just unlock and the mesh will retract automatically.

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See through flexible mesh

The mesh used on the gate is a see-through so the child won’t feel completely blocked out and also flexible enough such that of they happen to hit, they won’t get injured but rather, the mesh will absorb the shock and the child won’t feel any pain. When installing make sure you leave some room for that flexibility. In addition to that, if you need to pass through the gate, you can go through without completely opening it. In addition to that, the mesh is washable and easy to maintain so don’t worry on stains.

Retract A GateAlternate locations easily

If you need to alternate and change the location of the gate frequently, don’t worry since with an additional universal mounting bracket kit, you can easily remove it from one location and instantly install it at a different location without much hassle. Moreover, it is very light to carry around, weighing just around 4 pounds.

Quiet and neat

If you love perfect installations, then this is the best safety gate. The installation is quite easy and you need to drill any holes on your surfaces to install. It comes with a stair banister kit, that makes it easy to mount on the staircase banisters without any damage on your precious designs and paintwork. Moreover, the safety gate unrolls and also retracts in a quiet and undisruptive way.

The only cons with the Retract-A-Gate safety gate is that the locks are multistep which can be a little bit tedious and they also come with a high competitive price. Other than that, the gate is great and safe for use on children and pets and it is best for households where you don’t love gates swinging by all the time or metal gates which can also easily cause injuries as pets and children play. It is manufactured in the USA and customers who have used it leave a nice rating on the gate. The safety gate has a height of 34 Inches and can be stretched to a width of 72 Inches.


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