Top 5 Best Retractable Baby Gates 2019

People that are looking for a retractable baby gate are usually looking for something that won’t be in the way, is easy to use and blends in where it almost disappears!

But when it comes to shifting throughout all the different expendable baby gates available on the market today, it’s hard to really make a good decision. There are many things you need to consider, the height, the width, the right baseboard spacers, good construction, and of course it has to look good.

To help you in your search, we’ve created a list of the top 5 best retractable baby gate you can get, so we think, and so think the many reviewers.

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The Top 5 Best Retractable Baby Gates of [year]

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Top Retractable GatesFeaturesRatingCheck Listing

Retract-A-Gate Safety Gate In White, Cafe or Black
Holding strong in first place is the retract-a-gate from At SmartRetract, that’s all they do, built retractable gates, no one can compete with a company that focus’s only on building retractable gates4.4 of 67 reviews
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Lascal KiddyGuard Avant Retractable Gate, Black Or White
The Avant baby gate is constructed of a strong and flexible mesh. We find the mesh to be thicker and better quality than the other retractable gates.4.3 of 87 reviews
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North States Supergate Extra-Wide Gate, Ivory
When using this model, you simply slide the panels together with one easy swift motion. It was made to accommodate those extra wide spaces, while still being able to be retracted away.4.2 of 375 reviews
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Bindaboo Retractable Gate in White
The Bindaboo Retractable Gates have won awards on both iParenting Media and (Parent Tested Parent Approved)3.7 of 27 reviews
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Dreambaby Retractable Gate, Black
You’ll love replacing you old wooden or metal gate with this retractable gate. Compared to regulate gates, it only takes minimal space, and it’s just not as an eyesore as a regular gate.3.5 of 100 reviews
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Standing in 5th. position in our Top 5 Best Retractable Baby Gates list, we have the Dreambaby Expendable Gate. You’ll love replacing you old wooden or metal gate with this retractable gate. Compared to regulate gates, it only takes minimal space, and it’s just not as an eyesore as a regular gate.

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Yes, the material itself is a little flimsy, if your baby really wanted to get under it or something, it could. But usually, most already know that when it’s up, it means no crossing, period.

The operation of the gate itself is simple, and altho some have complained that they have problems operating the gate with one hand, many argue that it works just fine.

The UV treated mesh construction of this best retractable baby gate makes it durable enough for the Outdoors.  It will resist fading from the sun and has no metal parts to rust.

Ready For The Outdoors

expendable-gatesThey also have included 2 sets of hardware, so that you can have 2 different mounting locations for this gate. The baby gate can be unclipped from one set of hardware and easily be moved to another set.

If you have a baseboard, it’s very IMPORTANT that you get the spacer kit which they sold separately. This kit builds up wall area the same as a baseboard so that you gate mounts properly.

The best part about our Top5 Best Retractable Baby Gate is, that it doesn’t matter how wide you opening is, if it’s under 55″, this gate will fit, no headaches about which extensions to use, or adjusting the pressure mounts.

baby gates reviewsWith a whopping 100 actual customers reviews on amazon, this dreambaby baby gate scored a 3.5 out of 5 stars rating, making it our number 5 choice.

See the full customer reviews on

Tired of pushing the old plastic pressure gate around, having to hide it from company, a retractable baby gate is what you need!”

#5: Dreambaby Retractable Gate, Black

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Onto our number 4 pick for retractable baby gates, the Bindaboo Retractable Baby Gate. Bindaboo is renowned as an international supplier of pet safety items and pet beds. Bindaboo understands that many of us pet owners treat their four-legged friends as much-loved family members.

The Bindaboo Retractable Gates have won awards on both iParenting Media and (Parent Tested Parent Approved)

Easy To Operate Using Only One Hand

logoThis gate is built to withstand, the durable mesh gate can be used outside as well as inside without worry of wear from the elements.

Two sets hardware mounting points are included with this model, so you can have 2 locations where this baby gate can be moved too using the easy clips.

A spacer may be required, it all depends on where you plan on setting up this gate. But if you have baseboard where you plan on setting u this gate, you’ll probably need them, and they are sold separately here.

Good For Pets And Children

These gates are awesome, when you don’t need them, you can’t see them, they’ll go either on top or bottom of the stairs, inside or outside, and fit any openings up to 55″, making it a very versatile gate.

The brackets can basically be installed just about anywhere you wish. The number 4 on our Top 5 Best Baby Gates list isn’t one of the most popular gates, but if you need to block ANY areas off from children or pets, this gate will do exactly that.

baby gate reviewsOn amazon, this expendable baby gate has 27 reviews, rating it a 3.7 out 5 stars, ranking this model as the number 5 choice.

See the full actual amazon customer reviews here on amazon
#4: Bindaboo Retractable Gate in White

For the number 3 Top 5 Best Retractable Baby Gate, we have the North States Supergate Extra-Wide Gate. Now this is a different type of expandable gate, it doesn’t roll up into a container.

When using this model, you simply slide the panels together with one easy swift motion. It was made to accommodate those extra wide spaces, while still being able to be retracted away.

The Hard Plastic Will Keep Them Put!

logohomeNow what we think is the best part about this expandable baby gate is the fact that it’s made from hard plastic. Not like the other ones, where they assume that your children are good behaving children, and are not going to try and force their way through. But we all know as parents that kids don’t always listen! Now is you need something that your kids are not going to get around, you need a hard plastic expandable gate like this one, this is why we added a gate of this model to our list of Top 5 Best Expendable Baby Gates.

Like all the other baby gates pretty much, you can operate the gate with your eyes closed. To unlock the gate all you have to do is, push down with your thumb on the locking clip. And then to lock it all back up,  you just close it till it clicks together.

Folds Up In Seconds, Swing Out Of The Way

The extendable gate folds up in seconds, you just push the panels altogether when your not using it, and swing it out of the way till you need it again.

In today new homes, many choose to have an open floor plan, making it a perfectly spacious space, but making it hard to keep the kids in a certain location. The baby gate designed by NorthState will work with these spacious rooms, extending up to 62 inches wide.
The strength and stability of this hardware-mounted gate is sure to impress any parent.

rectractable baby gets reviewsAs we move up on our Top Best Retractable Baby Gate, we find that our items are more reviews, and sold more. Amazon customers reviewed this gate with a 4.2 stars out 5 from 375 reviews!

Want To View The Reviews Yourself, Click Here

NorthStates has been around making safety products from children and pets since the early 50’s. 70 years in the making and they have become one of the leaders in their field. With NorthStates, you know you’re getting quality. Check out their video!”

#3: North States Supergate Extra-Wide Gate

For the number 2 spot on the Top 5 Best Retractable Baby Gate, we have the Lascal KiddyGuard Avant Gate.  Block off any dangerous places, especially odd size openings, with this retractable baby gate.

The Avant baby gate is constructed of a strong and flexible mesh. We find the mesh to be thicker and better quality than the other retractable gates.

Any Size From 0 to 48 inches

They say it has an elegant Swedish design, I don’t see the swed in it … but I do think it looks really classy, and can compliment any room instead of been an eyesore.

This gate spans wide, but when it retracts, it practically disappears! The mesh fully retracts back into its housing when you’re not using it, making it trip hazard free and leaving a clean look.

OK WHY WE NAME THIS AS THE NUMBER 2 GATE ? Because this is one of the only model of retractable baby gate that features a unique timing system that allows a person to walk through the gate totally silently, without making a single noise. All the other gates are noisy, and make a clicking noise when you open it, this model is totally quiet.

You got an area that has lots of traffic to block off? No problem. The simple, lock and release, mechanism easily let’s and adult open the gate with a single hand, it’s really convenient for those busy corners.

This model is a retractable gate for stairs as well, according to the manufacturer, and of course, it can be used in any doorway or room to room openings.

Easy Done With A Baby In Hand

With the KiddyGuard installation kitthat is included with the package, the Avant retractable baby gate is easily installed in just about any openings that are from virtually 0 inches to 48 inches wide, so if you have one of them weird size openings, this gate fits anything up to that size.

Where do you need it to go? I think it will go there, because it’ll fit just about anything, on the outside of an opening, on the inside of an opening, on the wall on either side of and opening,  as a retractable bottom of stairs gate, or even as a retractable top of stairs gate, on walls with or without baseboard (no matter), on BANNISTERS with the help some accessories.

retractable baby gateOur number 2 gate was rated a 4.3 out of 5 from 87 reviews. It doesn’t have as many reviews as the last as this is a smaller company, but the reviews are better.

Want to the the reviews on amazon? Click Here

And last of all, the KiddyGuard Avant Extendable Baby Gate is JPMA certified, with a wicked rating, check it out!

Elegant Looking Gate

Lascal is a new company, but they pride themselves on making quality products that fulfil real demands. The name of the game for them is, SECURITY OF CHILDREN, and they mean it. Check them out!”
#2: Lascal KiddyGuard Avant Retractable Baby Safety Gate

best retractable baby gate

Holding strong in first place is the retract-a-gate from  At SmartRetract, that’s all they do, built retractable gates, no one can compete with a company that focus’s only on building retractable gates … Their product is the best retractable baby gate out there today.

Below are some of the unique advantages this gate offers making this gate our #1 pick:

  • Gate rolls back in on its own, no need to manually roll it back up.
  • This gate is the ONLY gate in the U.S. holding a Patent.
  • Was tested to withstand kids and pets as well.
  • Will work at any angle.
  • You can walk through the gate without having to fully open the mesh.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors without worry.
  • The mesh is the MOST durable available on the market today.
  • Makes barely any noise when opening or closing.
  • Is easily dismounted and moved to another location with extra brackets.
  • Fits openings up to 6 feet wide.
  • Can be easily operated with just one hand.
  • Was made for high traffic areas in mind.
All The Accesories You Could Ever Need Right Here!
Wall Spacer For BaseboardStair Banister KitExtra Clips For Moving The Gate

Block off 2 areas using only one gate, this setup does require additional brackets which can be bought separately here. I really like this setup right here, I’ve seen many entrances myself that looked exactly list this, and this expandable baby gate would be perfect for this corner.

One of the reasons we named this gate #1 in the Top 5 Best Baby Gates is that; you can buy on the side any of the accessories you may  ever need for your setup. You got baseboard in the way, no problem … You want to tie this up to a banister, no problem … You need extra clips to set it up in different locations, guess what, no problem. With all these accessories available, this retractable gate can be set up anywhere! It can be mounted in a door jam, around the side of a walkway on the wall, at an angle, or even at the top or bottom of the stairs.


  • Max width is between 52″ or 72″ inches, 2 different sizes
  • When the gate is all retracted, it’s about 3 inches in diameter
  • Its height, the mesh is 34 inches and the top of the lock is 38 inches high
  • The brackets are 2.5 inches wide and 1.25 inches long, and they are mounted at 3-4 and 31 inches off the floor

The Best Retractable Gate

Is this gate ready for pets ? 

Retract-a-gate is one of the tallest extendable baby gate on the market today. This alone will keep most pets from attempting to cross the barrier. And then the mesh is actually very durable, HIGHLY scratch resistant compared to other gates. The company actually did a test to see how resistant the fabric was, they tied the fabric up to a scratch post in a house with cats, and after several months of usage, the fabric still had not ripped.

Is this gate ready for children? 

Retract-a-gate did send off their gate to be tested by an outside testing facility to make sure that it complies with the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) and that also this product is certified  by the JPMA, a national organization that focus’s on informing customers on safe use and selection of juvenile products. With a pressure mount system, these organization will not certify their use at the top of stairs. For a gate to be certified for the top of stairs, it has to have a screw mounting type system, which is what the retract-a-gate uses.

adapter1Many are asking if this gate can be installed on an angle, and YES! yes it can. It can the installed at pretty much any angle at all. The wall brackets that they have were engineered to make this possible. Follow the simple instructions to the letter tho, make sure the opening of the brackets is facing away from the safety gate for the best security possible.

Main reason for main this gate number 1 is: QUALITY. After researching all the retractable baby gates, this one is not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for, and when you buy this gate, you’re getting a real top quality product. When it comes to the safety of your kids or other family members like you pets, paying a little more for a better product is totally worth it. This gate will last, the parts are robust and made better than its cheaper counterparts.

retractable baby gate“Scoring a healthy 4.4 out of 5 on amazon from over 67 reviews, this gate is out top gate of the retractable gates! We do think that for the higher price a little, the quality improvement is enormous”

View the reviews yourself, and make a decision, click here!

JPMA certified for the top of stairs, Proven to resist scratches from cats or dogs, Made of better material, there’s no thinking to be done here, this is the top model”

#1: Retract-A-Gate Safety Gate In White

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