Top 5 Narrow Stair Baby Or Pet Gate

Having an infant baby at home means you have to be extra careful to keep them safe. However, you can never be careful enough. That is why you need baby safety gates to keep your young ones away from the stairs and hallways. That way the kid will know you are around without the danger of the tumbling down the stairs. In this article, we look at the top five narrow stair gates.

Now go enjoy your housework as your child stays safely behind a safety gate.

Regalo Easy Step Stairway Gate

This gate is designed for narrow stairway openings that are bordered by a wall on one side. It can also be used on narrow hallways to keep toddlers from moving around the house. Best for a situation such as vacuuming when you want to keep the child away from the rooms being cleaned.

Product Features
Pressure mounted
You can use this narrow stair gate any place that allows you to pressure mount it. It does not require any drilling or a place to fasten it. Just two surfaces that allow pressure mounting will work perfectly.

Not all opening at home have the same spacing, some are narrow while some are wide. That is why it’s expandable design and coupled with pressure mounting makes it a perfect solution for home use. It can also be used to keep pets safely in one area of the house. It secures opening that are 29 inches to 39 inches wide. It is also possible to get an additional extension to expand its width for up to 60-inches wide.

Lever Handle
The handle of this stairway gate allows you to easily open it with one hand. You grab it and with just one touch, it gets released from its lock position. That makes it easy to open and close it with your baby on one hand. It designed to offer maximum convenience and safety.

Designed For Children and Pets
This stairway and hallway safety gate will keep either your child or pets such as dogs in one section of the house. Cats are one of the few pets that this gate will not restrict from moving to different sections of the house. It includes wall cups to make sure that it securely attaches to walls and will not slip even when pushed from one side by a child or pet.

baby gates reviewsThis is our Number 1 Model, with over 7000 amazon reviews, and a rating of 4.3 stars, you know you just cant go wrong when you go with this model. Read for yourself!

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The Good

  • It has a sturdy metal construction.
  • Easy installation using the wall cups.
  • You do not need to drill the walls or banister.
  • If you need to use it to restrict movement of some pets, it will do the job.
  • You can use it to secure a hallway or staircase.

The Bad

  • The opening is smaller compared to most gates.
  • It swings in one direction.

Summer Infant Retractable Gate

Sometimes you need just a nice retractable safety gate that will not stand out and change the overall look of your decor. That is where this Summer Infant Narrow Stairway Retractable Gate comes. It is fully retractable and fits perfectly on small decors. It is easy to lock and unlock with a single push or pull of the lock lever. The mesh fabric is durable and has a decorative pattern that gives it a nice look when it is open.

Hardware Mounted
This narrow stairway safety gate is hardware mounted to make it more secure. Even though that means it is not portable, the fact that it fully retracts into its housing means it will not stand in your way. It can safely secure children that are six to two years old.

This gate can close openings of up to 50 inches wide and has a height of 30 inches. Your child will, therefore, stay safe behind it once you lock it. Since it is retractable, you can use it in any stairways and staircases that are smaller than 50 inches wide.

The silver post blends well with any decor. The fact that its fabric retracts fully into its housing makes it one of the best stairway gates for matching with any decor. The retraction design also makes to convenient for use between rooms to secure your child without ruining your decor.

baby gates reviewsIf your willing to go with a fabric model instead of a metal bar type of gate, this gate has received many great reviews on At the time of writing this review, only 4 customers had written their reviews, none had any bad words to say about this bad boy.

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The Good

  • This safety gate is fully retractable.
  • It matches most decors.
  • You can easily open it with one hand.
  • It has a simple but strong design.

The Bad

  • You will need to drill so that you can mount it.
  • This safety gate is not portable.

Regalo Top Of Stairs Expandable Metal Gate, With Mounting Kit

The Regalo Expandable Metal Stair Gate can be fitted at the top or bottom of the stairs. It can expand to fit stairways that are slightly wider or connected to fill narrow stairway opening. It comes with an extra foot that offers stability in its midsection. When open, it presents no danger of tripping for anybody using the staircase.

Product Features
Sturdy Metal Construction
This metal gate is designed to be safe for your child, without making marks on the banisters. It uses hard rubber banisters that attach onto the woodwork without having any marks. That means no drilling or use of screws. You do not need to contact the landlord to use this stairway metal gate.

Expandable Design
This stairway gate is designed to fits stairway that ranges from 28 inches to 42 inches. What that means for you is that you will not have to shop for another stairway gate if you move from your current home. If you own the house, then you will be happy to know that you can use it not just at the stairway opening, but also along the hallways.

Convenient Walk-Through Design
You will not struggle opening this gate even with a baby on one arm. That is because of its hassle-free opening mechanism. Just squeeze the latch handle with one hand and it will slide open. It is designed with a leveler that makes sure it installs properly without leaning in a particular direction. That ensures that it swings open forward and backwards.

baby gates reviewsNow, with almost 700 reviews, you know you’re not being lied too, with a price of around 50 bucks, and a rating of 3 stars, this narrow stair pet gate makes in the top 5 list.

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The Good

  • It’s easy to install.
  • The best for use in narrow stairways.
  • You do not have to do any drilling.
  • This gate will not leave marks on the banister.
  • It’s lightweight and portable.
  • Has a durable steel construction.

The Bad

  • It is not designed for outdoor use.
  • You must not use it to protect children over 24 months.
  • You cannot modify its design.
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Gaterol Active Lite White – Retractable Safety Gate

The Gaterol Active Retractable Stair Gate is designed to be used indoors to keep your child safe and secure. It can be mounted either on top of the stair or at the bottom of the stairs. It can also be used in doorways, hallways or patios. This gate does not have a fixed width. That is what makes it the best for use in narrow stairs.

Retractable Design
If you move out of your current home and you need to use it in another home, it will perfectly fit in your new stairs. You just need to pull it out to the desired length and lock it. When you want to store, it also retracts nicely and therefore saves your lots of space.

No Threshold
This gate does not have a threshold when opened. That means you will never trip on this gate when it’s open. That is a plus for a gate that guards the stairs. If someone left it open accidentally in the evening and you pass by later in the night, you will not trip and have the rest of the night ruined.

Kid Friendly
The retractable design makes it safe for children in that it will not accidentally pinch their fingers. Children are known to like playing with gates if they are left open. This gate presents no danger to your kid whether it’s open or closed.

Secure installation
This gate is fastened with screws. No amount of shaking or rattling will knock it down when your child plays with it. It is safe and kids friendly, when open as well as when closed.

baby gates reviewsThis gate does have quite a few reviews going for itself, on, this gate has 64 reviews from real actual customers, rating this gate at 3.8 of 5 stars, a good rating for a narrow stair pet gate.

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The Good

  • Easy to install.
  • It is safe whether it’s open or closed.
  • No metal bars, therefore no risk of head injuries.
  • It can be used both at the top or bottom of stairs.

The Bad

  • It can only be used to protect children who are under 24 months.
  • You must not fit it across windows.
  • It can only be used indoors.

Evenflo Easy Walk Thru Top Of Stairs Gate

The Evenflo Safety Narrow Stairways Gate features an expandable design that suits narrow openings as well as wider openings. It is easy to open for adults but difficult for kids. That makes it a perfect solution for making sure the kids will not pass and come to any harm in restricted areas at home. It locks easily with a single push and has a color-coded indicator that allows you to know if the door is locked.

Product Features
Easy to Operate
This narrow stairway gate allows you to squeeze and push down the button to open it with just one hand. It then swings open in the direction that you have set the swing control to allow it to open. If you want to close it, you simply give it a small push and the lock mechanism will hold it in place.

Maximum Safety
There is a red and green color code that indicates when the door is securely locked or if it is not. The green code appears when the lock is fully in place, while the red code appears when the lock is not fully in place. Therefore with a quick glance, you ensure that the child is safe and secure.

Sturdy Construction
The gate is made of metal and coated with a rust resistant paint. That makes it strong and durable. You will not have to buy another one because it has been worn-out. It will practically serve you for a lifetime.

It expandable design makes it suitable for narrow stairways and staircases. You do not have to know the exact size of each and every stairway opening of your home. Just install and expand it to fit the opening you want to secure.

baby gates reviewsOur last gate on the list, still has over 500 reviews on amazon, and is rated at 4.2 stars. This item is also a prime item for prime members.

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The Good

  • It has a strong and durable construction.
  • The neutral color is suitable for almost any home decor you can think of.
  • This stairway, hallway safety gate is easy to open and close.
  • The lighter color makes it easily visible even under dim lighting.
  • The color-code lock system makes it among the safest gates to use.

The Bad

  • You have to use some screws to install it.
  • It’s not portable.

Evenflo Secure Step™ Gate
Price Disclaimer

We hope this safety gate review for narrow gates has been informative. Enjoy your housework as your child stays safely behind a safety gate.

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