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5 Pet Gates That Could Be Used For Garage Door Openings

If you have pets and would like to restrict them to one place then you need to get yourself a dog gate.

But there comes a time when you also want to use it to restrict movements around your garage. In such a case, you will need a much wider and larger barrier that will serve as a garage door opening.

There are many manufactures today who make different types of gates. With so many pet gates in the market, you must know what exactly you need for your home. There are those that can either be placed indoors or outdoors. Regardless of where you intend to fix yours, you should always consider a high quality gate. Such can be used to do a number of things other than just restricting your pet and will also last longer. So here is a look at top 5 pet gates that could be used for garage door openings

Garage Door Openings
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Today, the pet gate industry has a number of brands that have proven to be functional and efficient. One of them that stands out from Cardinal Perfect Fit Gate. Cardinal is one of the few fences that could be used for garage door openings due to The fact that it has six panels that can fold to form a hexagon -shape or open up to its full length to fit a wider space.

Most owners use it to form a playpen due to its versatility. But other than that, you will definitely love its unique puppy door built-in. The fact that it can fold like an accordion makes it easy to store.

indoor dog gate“This gate only has 8 reviews on amazon, but all the reviews say this gate is very good in quality, and well it does cover 9 feet, perfect for the garage door opening.”

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It offers a great design and look with painted wood and black steel. The door is spring-loaded and a latch is located on an existing panel. What you get is a convenient product for your home.

The Good

  • The configuration is what makes it well rated in online stores. Panels are also easy to interchange and unlock
  • You can make whichever shape you desire with these six panels.
  • It is sturdy enough to hold back any type of dog or close up your garage.
  • Materials used to make it are attractive and unique to match with any décor scheme.

The Bad

  • The height is a little over two feet, so Cardinal may not be ideal if you have a taller dog.
  • The fence is also quite heavy as compared to others out there. So when folded, you will realize that it’s too heavy to move it around.
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Just as the name suggests, Primetime Petz 360˚ Configurable gate makes a “Z” formation when you completely set it up for your dog. If you have a bigger garage opening, this pattern may change. However, it won’t affect its functionality in any way.

This is still a great option to consider when shopping for dog barriers that could be used for garage door openings due to the fact that it is collapsible and expandable with the extension kit (Sold Separately). But there is more that makes Primetime stand out from others.

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It is a wooden barrier that has a Walnut finish added to it. Other than that, it product also comes with a walk-through door and it can span areas of up to 72 inches. What makes it preferred by most home owners is because its height goes up to 30 inches. It is also one of the few gates that will accommodate pets of all weights.

The Good

  • What makes home owners love Primetime Petz 360˚ is because it has a unique design. At first sight, you will think that it is part of your home décor. The beautiful wood finish makes it stand out.
  • It is also efficient and works just perfect to keep your four-legged friend locked thanks to the chew-resistant wood.
  • Just like most products listed above, Primetime Petz is also easy to construct as it only entails folding it out to your desired length. Basically anyone can do it. So it is easy to collapse for easy storage.
  • There is a door located in the gate. It is not just meant for pets but for humans as well. So there is no more hopping and tripping while at it.
  • With this gate, entering and leaving the enclosed space will be quite easy as compared to others out there.
  • The product also has a lock which means you can relock on your way out or in so your jumpy pup can’t get back through.
  • If you have a complex home floor plans in your house, you will most definitely be fond of it due to its Z-formation design. Such is a great design that works with any home interior. Most people prefer Primetime over gates that are solely 90 or 180 degree angle.

The Bad

  • If you are looking for a product that will restrict your jumpy friend then Primetime may not be the best for you as it is only two and a half feet tall. Big dogs will also not be contained.
  • It’s stability is also not as perfect as compared to others in the same category since it has no clips to secure it in place. So if you have a pet that’s big enough to ram through then you will be forced to buy another one. But you can always purchase some separately and add them into the design of your Primetime Petz 360˚ Configurable Gate.

This is another great product from Richell manufacturer. The company is known for its high quality products. Aztec is a top seller in most online stores and it works for home owners with pets that weigh between 6.6 and 30 pounds.

The fact that this barrier has a rubber feet makes it ideal for garage door. So even with movements around your garage, it will always be in the same position.

indoor dog gate“Now this model has a crazy amount of reviews, over 1700 reviews to be exact! With that many reviews, you know you’re getting a proper tru quality review!”

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The dimensions are 39.8 inches to 71.3 inches by 20.1 inches. The best part about it is that it is adjustable to fit different sizes of hallways and garage door openings. You don’t have to attach it to the wall as it is a free-standing fence. This also means it is easy to set up and anyone can do it.

The Good

  • You will easily distinguish it from the rest due to its beautiful design. It is made of Autumn-mate hardwood and has stylish stained glance windows placed in an Aztec pattern. What you get is a stylish barrier—one that functions as a home decor.
  • Also, since it can expand from 42.1 inches to 72 provides a decent width that can fit any opening at home.
  • It is sturdy than most fences in this category and the rubber feet also help keep it in one place. So it can stand any type of movement either in the house or garage when used as a garage door.
  • It is also heavier than what you are used to as it weighs 31.4 pounds. So it wont be easy for your dog to knock it down. The two panels that come with it help keep it upright. So although this product doesn’t attach to the wall, it is still solid in its position.

The Bad

  • The main drawback is that it has a size limit of 33 pounds. If you have a bigger dog, you may not be able to fit it in a two feet gate. They will escape with ease. So it only works for non jumpers.
  • It is also not easy to store especially if you have a limited space. This fence only collapses to a width that’s still over three feet long. You will need a storage that’s at least three and a half feet or you will be forced to store it outside your house.

Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite is among the best fences in the market that could also be used as a garage door. It has six panels and can cover a span of around 15 feet. It is also perfect for puppies as it can be folded into a closure that you can keep him. It will be more like a playpen.

The fact that it stands at 32 inches makes it ideal for home owners looking for a freestanding fence for their dogs. The panels are detachable. So you can adjust the size to fit your room or garage.

indoor dog gate“Rated a 4.4 out of 5 from over 500 reviews on, making this our number 2 pick!”

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These panels can be locked at either 90 or 180 degrees, it all depends on your needs and the size of your room. The door is lockable to keep your pet on one side. But The lock is easy for humans to open. So you don’t have to move the whole fence to go where you want to.

The Good

  • What makes Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite so popular in most homes is because it is so simple to install and will only take a few minutes. There are also no tools needed, you simply use pins and lock caps to maneuver the gate to position.
  • Its versatility stands out. You can either add or take off pieces to adjust it according to your preference. You can also take it completely apart and use different panels to block different sections of your house. So you can have one in your house and the other as a garage door. This is made possible thanks to the linking mechanism.
  • It is also build well and the attractive wood will blend in well with any décor.

The Bad

  • It’s one of the most expensive in online shops. So although it is worth its price, it may not work with someone with a tight budget.
  • The pieces are also somewhat heavy as compared to others in the market—it weighs 50 pounds. This may be the reason why it can be used as a garage door, but it can be kind of heavy for you to move around.
  • It’s perfect for smaller dogs. So if you have a bigger dog, or if yours is a climber, Convertible Elite may not be the best fence for you.

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All products made by Dynamic Accents are known to be of high quality. They did not compromise on quality with their Walk Through 5 Panel barrier. This is a one of a kind product that will keep your four-legged friend safe. The hard mahogany finish is what makes it strong enough to serve as a garage door opening. It has a height of 32 inches which is just perfect for an ordinary dog.

This one comes with double hinges attached to five panels. They form a “zig zag” adding some style to your home. So it can expand for those wishing to use it as a garage door. If you have a 9 feet wide door way or anything less, Walk Through is just perfect for you. If you garage opening is wider then 9 feet, you’re going to need the extra panels they have available here as well.

Garage Door Opening Gate

indoor dog gate“Now this may not have any review on the amazon site site the listing is new, but on here, there are many reviews rating this gate super high, it’s of top quality and will last you years to come.”

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What you have is a durable door that can withstand any weather. It is made of powder-coated steel and the tension spring hinge will prevent your pup from pushing the door open. Generally, this gate is made of a popular hardwood material.

The Good

  • The main reason why Walk Through is popular in most homes and used as a garage door is because of its sturdiness. So it comes as an added advantage to those home owners looking for a product that will last.A powder-coated steel and hardwood constructions is what adds strength to its structure.
  • The entire fence can close off anything that has a wide entrance-way. It makes it more useful if you are planning to take your pup somewhere where there is a wide enclosure-opening.
  • Other than just its functionality, Walk Through 5 Panel is very well-made and can be removed quite easily when you want to store it.
  • The latch is simple to unlock yet still sturdy and your pup cannot ram it.
  • Once folded, it becomes easy to store especially if you have a limited space.

The Bad

  • Once your pup figures out the latch, this barrier will not be able to contain it. If you are using it as a garage door, it should only be temporary before you get a better door.

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