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Having pets in the home is surely one of the easiest ways of livening up its environment. Things tend to become even better if you have one or more dogs around you. However, like all good things, the idea of having a dog comes with its own perils. Your canine pal can cause problems for you by entering the fragile or potentially harmful areas of your home. That’s the reason why you must buy a dog gate for your pet.

A dog gate would allow your pet to stay in a clean, safe place. What’s more, the stay is also much more comfortable and allows pets to enjoy their time even more.

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Factors you must consider when picking a dog get


There’s no use of buying a dog gate that lacks quality. In addition, the dog gate must also be made up of high quality material. The options available currently range from units made from light metal barriers to pieces crafted out of finished, heavy wood.


The dog breed you have in your home should be the main factor deciding how secure and durable the gate should be. For example, for German Shepherds, it’s extremely important to buy a heavy gate with additional durability and security.


Ask yourself where you would like the gate to be. Different spaces would need different kinds of dog gates. You cannot expect a small gate fit a broad doorway perfectly.


The next thing you must consider is whether you would need to move the gate from time to time. If yes, then you should ideally opt for a freestanding gate. For dog owners who need to travel a lot, buying a hinged-foldable unit would be wise.


If your dog is big, the gate you pick should be high. Similarly, for small dogs, you should opt for a low dog gate which can be stepped over easily.

Multi-Pet Home

If you live in a multi-pet home, the gate you buy should be compatible to all kinds of pet you have.

Why dog owners should get dog gets for their pets?
We all know that dog kennels and invisible dog fences are designed for preventing some sensitive parts of the garden or the yard (examples include messy swamp areas, poison ivy patches, etc.). Dog gates play a similar role in protecting the interiors of your home. It would stop your pet from accessing areas like the laundry room, kitchen, etc. A dog gate would allow your pet to stay in a clean, safe place. What’s more, the stay is also much more comfortable and allows pets to enjoy their time even more.

The section below would assist you in picking the best product; it includes a discussion on things you must look for in dog gates and would also introduce you to the six best pieces available on the market at the moment.[bodymovin anim_id=”2030″ loop=”true” lazyload=”true” autoplay_viewport=”true” align=”center”]

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This pet gate is made out of metal and wood and features a small door that can be shut and opened seamlessly. One of the biggest highlights of this piece is its soothing color; the makers have provided it with an autumn, wood matte finish. It’s a shade that would complement multiple decors aptly.

The gate also scores impressively when it comes to its durability thanks to its metal parts. The parts made of polished wood are equally reliable. Setting up the unit is extremely easy; that’s primarily because of its tension-mount layout. For additional pet security, on the other hand, the unit comes equipped with a lockable wire door. The same feature also allows pups to pass effortlessly through the dog gate.
Dog Gate

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Another plus is the product’s adjustable sizing. You will be able to use it on doorways that are 28.3 to 41.3inches wide. The gate is also low enough; this means, you will never have any difficulty when stepping over the unit. To allow easy movement, the manufacturer has ensured that the gate can be opened from both ends.

The next features that would surely make you fall in love with the product are its rubber skid base and side stoppers, which prevent it from causing surface scratching.

The Good

  • Tension-mount layout of the gate enables easy installation both on the doorway and hallway
  • The gate can be stepped over effortlessly
  • The gate is highly durable
  • It looks attractive and can complete almost all kinds of décor
  • The gate sports a lockable door

The Bad

  • The gate is suitable only for small dogs with body weight ranging between 6.5 and 17.5 pounds
  • Bigger dogs would be able to jump over the gate easily

This Richell creation has taken little time to become the customers’ favorite primarily due to its gorgeous, extra-wide design. It would fit your home’s wide hallway perfectly and is a product meant for homes with large or medium sized dogs. To be more precise, it is perfect for doorway or hallway openings of width ranging from 61.8 inches to 90.2 inches.

With a height of 36.2 inches, the pet gate might not be suitable for being stepped over. However, the option of opening it in ensures that passing through the gate is never difficult.
Best Dog Gate

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The door locks automatically and can be opened from both ends. What’s more, you will also be able to lock the get both at the top and bottom. These features make the unit extremely safe and user-friendly.

For additional stability, the designers have incorporated side panels into this free-standing dog gate. This feature would not allow the gate to tip over. For preventing scratching on the floor or wall, on the other hand, the unit comes equipped with rubber feet.

The Good

  • Perfect for homes with hallways/doorways that are bigger than normal
  • The gate’s eye-catching matte brown body allows it to complement most décor types
  • The product is durable thanks to its sturdy body made up of high quality hardwood
  • Being a freestanding pet gate, the unit can be moved from one place to another easily, which means you will be able to use it to create a safe space anywhere you want
  • The product can be assembled seamlessly in minutes just by means of a screwdriver

The Bad

  • The gate is exceptionally big and thus is ideal only for big homes
  • As a result of being large in size, highly durable, and sporting an elegant design, the product is surely not one of the cheapest dog gates available on the market

This affordably priced wooden gate is perfect both for babies and pets. This creation from the house of North States features durable wood frames and robust wire mesh panels with vinyl coating. This combination of materials not only adds to the longevity of the product, but also allows it to keep your beloved canine companion duly secured.

The gate has been designed to fit any opening with width between 29.5 inches and 50 inches and a height of 32 inches of less. Assembling and adjusting the product is super easy. You will only need a pressure mounting system to install it. In addition, the dog gate features a modifiable sizing bar that is duly notched and marked. As a result, the unit can be resized or installed effortlessly.

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Like all popular dog gates, this one also has anti-scratch properties; it features rubber bumpers that would protect your floor/wall against damage or scratching.

The Good

  • The product can be used both for infants and dogs
  • The gate’s neutral wood color makes it suitable for most homes
  • The unit’s wide wire mesh panels would allow your dog to see you and your actions even if you are in an area she is not allowed to access
  • The product in spite of having so many pluses is extremely cheap

The Bad

  • The gate doesn’t have any additional door
  • Stepping over or passing the get is not easy

This unit has made our list of top six dog gates primarily because it can be rearranged and converted into multiple shaped and structures. You will be able to use it both as a dog gate and containment pen.

The Richell Convertible Elite Pet Gate boasts a freestanding design, which means it can be placed anywhere in your house. The manufacturer has used ecofriendly rubberwood for making this first-rate dog gate. Like most other units making this list, this one also has an exterior that would match most homes (thanks to its pacifying matte brown body). The next most fascinating feature of this Richell creation is its lockable inner doorway, which would allow you to move from one room to another without removing the gate.

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The Good

  • This four-panel unit would match even the most well-designed and stylish interiors aptly
  • You will need just minutes to convert this unit from a free-standing dog gate to a partition to a simple pet pen
  • You will be able to lock the gate’s caps at 180 or 90 degrees to keep the unit stable in all its forms

The Bad

  • The product is quite expensive

The biggest highlight of this Carlson creation is its all-steel body. The manufacturer has used lead-free, chew-proof, nontoxic steel for crafting the Carlson Extra-Wide Dog Gate. The unit will stay in shape for years.

The gate features a couple of extensions, which would allow you to attain any width from 29 inches to 44 inches. At 30 inches, the height of the gate is also good enough for keeping medium to large dogs secure.

One unique attribute of this Carlson pet get is the smaller door (its 7 inches wide and 10 inches tall) it comes equipped with. The said door allows cats and other smaller pets to easily pass through, while successfully keeping the dogs out. This feature makes the gate a perfect product for homes with multiple pets.

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The next feature that’s worth a mention is the gate’s one-touch handle. The handle makes opening the get extremely easy and thus you will be able to move from one room to another seamlessly even when there’s a Carlson Extra-Wide Dog Gate in between them.

The Good

  • The product is extremely sturdy and durable and is a perfect unit for keeping chewers safe
  • The gate is perfect for multi-pet homes thanks to its small inner gate
  • The gate is wide and tall enough to accommodate moderately large dogs

The Bad

  • One user suggests that the unit’s vertical bars are aligned at a dangerous angle; according to that user, as the size of these bars can be adjusted there’s a possibility that the head of smaller pets can get trapped into the opening (so, it would be wise of you to not use the gate for small dogs)

As its name suggests, this dog gate from the house of Regalo is truly super wide. You will be able to expand it up to a width of 192 inches. The unit would be a perfect buy if you are looking to section of a very large space. The height of the gate, on the other hand, is 28 inches.

You will be able to configure the Regalo Super Wide Gate into a series of designs and shapes according to your needs. The unit can be transformed into a wide play yard, a protective boundary for your fire place, a sturdy stairway barrier, enclosure for an extra-wide opening etc.

One of the main reasons why the gate has become a favorite of users is its simple walk-through design. You will also be fascinated by the unit’s advanced safety locking feature.

As a result of having a foldable body, the product also enables seamless storage. Transporting the product from one place to another is also easy.

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The Regalo Super Wide Get scores impressively even when it comes to its durability. This has been possible because of the high quality steel used for crafting the product.

The Good

  • The product is extremely versatile and can be used for a range of purposes
  • It has a PVC-free body and his made of high quality steel
  • The gate can be stored easily

The Bad

  • As a result of having eight configurable and removable panels, setting up the unit can seem difficult to some users

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