Best Pet Camera

The 10 Best Pet Cameras

Ever wondered how your pet behaves when you are not in the house? Does it experience anxiety when you leave it at home all alone?

Best Pet Camera

Well, a pet camera might be the best little gadget to help you monitor your pet. Whether you are going on a vacation or to work, a pet camera offers you a great way to monitor your pets and even interact with them if they are feeling lonely.
There are tens of pet cameras out there, and I decided to help you out and get you a list of the gadgets that I found to be the best. I researched and tried over 35 different models. It was both fun and exhausting, but I hope you will find it now easier for you to choose the best pet cameras for your needs. Taking into account all the factors, from video quality to movement sensor, I was able to compile the list of the best pet cameras.

Pet Camera
Before we discuss the gadgets that made the cut, let me share with you some of the factors you need to keep in mind when choosing the best pet camera!

Image Quality

Just like other cameras, image quality is something you should check in pet cam. These gadgets come in a wide range of specifications, and thus you have a wide range of options when it comes to clarity.

Wireless Connection

In the past, you could only view the day’s footage once you got home, but nowadays you can instantly access your camera from wherever you are thanks to the wireless connection. This allows you to access the monitor your pet in real time. However, pet cams have varying wireless features. You should settle for one with reliable transmission.

Camera Range

Camera range, or field of vision, dictates how far it can capture. Some of the finest cameras have tilt, zoom, or pan features, giving owners greater control on the view they want to capture or access.

Two-way Audio

Some pet cameras come with built-in speakers and mic so you can hear what is happening at home and you can “talk” to your pet when you are not at home. It can be a great way to break your pet boredom especially if they get lonely when you are not around.

Motion Detection

You can install pet surveillance gadgets to monitor their destructive behaviors. If you need to monitor your pet behaviors, you should definitely buy a pet camera with a motion sensor. With this feature, you can instantly know if your fur friend is currently making a mess at home or destroying couch.

Night Vision

This is perfect for people who work at night and do not want to leave their lights on for their pets. You should make sure that the pet cam you choose has a good video quality even when the cam is in night vision mode so you can view everything well.


Just like any other product, a good camera comes in a wide range of prices. This means you don’t have to spend a fortune on these gadgets; you can get a quality pet camera at an affordable price.

With that in mind, it’s time to discuss the best pet cameras on the market;

Featured Video

Petcube was founded in 2013 by pet lovers who thought of a solution to keep their pets entertained. One of their innovations is the Petcube Play which offers a simple and sleek design and has a camera with 138-degree views. Petcube Play boasts of 3 colors including matte silver, rose gold aluminum and carbon black with black accents.

You can place it on a flat surface without causing any obstruction because of its tiny size which is just 1.3 pounds and 3 x 3 x 3 inches. Alternatively, you can screw it onto a tripod using the sturdy built-in mount. The camera offers color and night vision modes and is 1080p HD. That means that you can communicate with your pet when away for a short vacation or work without the worry of low light.

The wide view captures your entire room from all corners. What’s more, it comes with a two-way audio stream which allows pet owners to talk to their pets. It also features a speaker enhanced by a built-in microphone and speaker system for better sound. The Petcube Play Interactive Camera also comes with a laser pointer which further enhances the interaction with your pet. The Laser is wide enough for your pet to see immediately you contact the camera.

Just like a majority of pet cameras, you need to download the Petcube app (free for iOS and Android devices) to get started. You proceed by creating the account and follow the onscreen setup instructions. What most starters find challenging is when connecting to Wi-Fi. I realized that the LED bulb notification which is located at the front of the device displays Yellow, Orange and Green to show if the unit is loading, connecting or online; pay close attention. If your internet connection is strong but still the wrong color is displayed, go ahead and restart the device by inserting a pit into the restart hole located at the base. Its set up should be easy.

best gps dog tackers“The smartphone app allows you to share pictures and video clips with friends and families and on social networks. The secure Petcube network has been encrypted through 128-bit encryption as well as other security protocols. Have friends and families who want to see your pet even if they don’t own a Petcube unit? Don’t worry as they can download the app to their iPhone, Android it Apple Watch and interact with your best friend. The camera also allows you to capture a snapshot and share the photos with friends; the pictures look great.”
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The Good

  • Sleek design with three colors to choose from
  • Clear camera with night vision, 1080P HD
  • Tiny sized with a wide laser pointer
  • Easy set up with a free downloadable app
  • Allows photo sharing
  • The laser pointer is lovable for pets
  • Offers clear videos and pictures
  • Saves all the recent pet interactions automatically

The Bad

  • A bit pricey
  • Doesn’t have an app for Mac or Windows.

Do you miss your pet or get the impression that your pet misses you when away? Your imaginations are true, perhaps truer with the Petzi Treat Cam. Amazingly, the Treat Dispenser has finally settled the old mystery of what pets do when owners are away- and it offers rewards too. The camera features a revolutionary design that isn’t too shouting yet makes the connection with your pet extremely easy from anywhere.

The Petzi Treat Cam is easy to configure and integrate into the home for first-timers. You only need to download the app (for android and apple devices) then connect to a Wi-Fi network to stay closely connected to your fuzzy friend. From your mobile device, you gain quick access to your pet where you can even take a picture of them. You only need to find a place to plug it in and place it an area where your pet visits often.

best gps dog tackers“The Petzi camera activates the night vision immediately light levels go low, and this allows you to take cute videos and photos of your pet. The video quality is good with the wide angle of the camera but has a three to four seconds delay. The smartphone app allows you not only to check on your pet but also view other people’s pets by breed. You can also share the pictures with your Petzi app or other social media apps. The treat dispenser on the Petzi is incredibly easy to access and refill as you only need to take the cover off and place the treats in the hole provided. However, avoid using large treats as they can get stuck.”
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The Good

  • Wi-Fi-connected treat dispenser
  • Wide angle camera with night vision
  • High-quality audio speaker for clear sound.
  • A simple and entertaining iOS Android and App
  • It’s budget friendly
  • Easy to set up
  • App offers numerous cool features

The Bad

  • Only small sized treats can be used (larger ones can get stuck).
  • Dispenses multiple treats at once
  • Lacks a motion alert notification just in case your pet walks by.

Tired of the costly pet surveillance cameras that boast about several features yet offer nothing much in return? Here’s is the Vimtag VT -361 which offers exactly what you’re looking for; Easy setup, High-quality audio and video quality, and convenient operation. The camera supports 2-way voice, thanks to the high-quality speaker and an inbuilt microphone. This means that you can see and talk eye-to-eye with your fuzzy friend secretly.

If the light levels become low, the built-in IR LEDs allow for a night vision through infrared lights, but you can only record videos in black and white under dark conditions. The camera features a 320-degree x 120-degree covers which allow you to view every corner of the room. The Vimtag VT-361 also boasts of one million pixel definition.

best gps dog tackers“This camera can capture a snapshot and record anything that triggers its motion sensor within the field of view. The crystal clear imaging is further enhanced by 3.6 mm lens and 4X zoom. The setup is extremely easy as you only need to download and install the MIPC app and have full control of the camera. Using the app, you can change the directions of the camera. You can store your videos in a memory card (up to 32 GB) which has a provided micro SD slot.”
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The Good

  • Compact Design with a heavy rubber based material
  • Wide view of 320 degrees by 120 degree
  • Has a motion sensor and alarm for easier follow up
  • Requires Wi-Fi connectivity thanks to the 3 Dbi antennas
  • Stunning video quality with the ability to capture clear images in total darkness via Night Vision.
  • Offers a two-way voice control
  • Impressive smartphone app
  • Easy to set up
  • Has a motion sensor
  • Allows up to 32 GB local storage

The Bad

  • Runs on AC power only
  • No remote recording

There’s always the great feeling when you can check on your companion to see what they are up to and probably offer them a treat for fantastic behavior. Pet parenting can be a serious business that may require you to check on them even when miles away from you regularly. The camera, which is specifically designed for dogs, offers amazing features to enhance the connection with your pet.

Furbo camera offers an amazing design over most home security cameras. This tall and angular unit with a glossy white finish camera comes with an adequate room where you can store your pet’s favorite edibles. With the free Furbo app, you can place up to 30 pieces of your pet’s favorite snack and play a game of fetch from anywhere, with your pet. Depending on the texture and size of the treats, numerous treats may toss out at a time.

The camera features an HD camera with night vision where you can discover every aspect of your pet’s life even when you’re away. It boasts a 720p HD video and a 120 degrees wide angle view to let you see every corner of your entire room.

best gps dog tackers“You can hear and talk to your dog via the Two Way Chat feature which makes you feel as if you’re next to your pet. Better yet, the camera comes with intelligent sensors to detect barking. You will receive push notifications to your Furbo smartphone app when your pet makes a sound. The setup is easy as you only require an internet connection and stable Wi-Fi.”
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The Good

  • Nice-looking Design with an easy setup.
  • 720p Camera for a clear image and Video.
  • Wide camera view of 120 degrees
  • Two-way Chat for better interaction
  • Intelligent sound sensors
  • Easy to operate Furbo app for Android and iOS devices.
  • Stunning video quality
  • Allows you to toss treats
  • Has the privacy mode for secret interactions

The Bad

  • Corresponds only a single email account
  • Has a relatively poor sound quality
  • The dispenser may jam quite easily

Are you a clingy pet parent? The Petchatz HD camera is the camera that will take your pet surveillance and interaction to another level. Boasting of advanced features, the camera allows you to communicate clearly with your pet while away on duty. Petchatz is a worthy investment featuring a high-resolution video quality with a 720p Resolution which is further enhanced by the two way video and audio feature. This means that this camera allows you to chat with your fuzzy friend.

The actual unit comes with its video monitor, but if you can have an additional purchase of PawCall, you can even have your pet call you. To make it even a better, the pet cam lets you dispense treats. This is not only a good way to train your pet to come to the device when you need them but also a better way to interact with them.

best gps dog tackers“This device also boasts of yet another unique feature in its ability to release a calming scent. This is another good way to soothe your pet especially when they feel anxious during the calls. Additionally, the feature lets you calm your pet when you see them panicked when left alone. Finally, this pet camera comes with a smartphone app which is only compatible with iOS devices only.”
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The Good

  • 720p Resolution
  • Comes with a Treat Dispenser
  • Has a Two-way Video and Audio System
  • Has a Calming Scent
  • Compatible with PawCall Button
  • Has no chords or sharp corners
  • Can dispense treats
  • Has a two-way camera to enhance interaction

The Bad

  • May lag at times when connecting to the server
  • The screen is fairly small

Are you searching for a great camera to monitor your pet’s behavior and interact with them while away from home? This handy device will save you time to watch videos all the time as it comes with its storage space slot that can handle up to a 128 GB Card. This lets you live stream footages of what happened during the day which makes the Tenvis HD IP camera a fantastic option.

Unlike most other pet cameras, this camera gives you the options to record footages at home or live stream through the iMega app. Better yet, you can store your footages in a cloud, and this gives you control of what to do with the stored footages as a pet owner. Additionally, Tenvis HD has a wide-Range night vision which means that you can clearly see your pet even when light levels are low. The wide angle of the camera lets you see the entire room.

best gps dog tackers“Finally, the budget-friendly camera allows you to rotate, tilt, pan and zoom in which is a rare feature among the affordable camera options available. This is a great plus as you have more control over your beloved pet.”
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The Good

  • Has a 720p Resolution
  • iMega Cam App Access
  • Has a wide angle of 340 by 105 degrees – you can rotate, zoom, pan, and tilt.
  • Micro SD slot
  • Offers motion and sound detection and Smart Alarm
  • Has cloud-based storage available.
  • 340 by 90 degrees offers full coverage
  • A great smartphone app for complete control

The Bad

  • No option to store on clouds

This pet camera lets you keep track of your pet activities via its high definition camera which also serves as an IP monitoring device. The wireless camera lets you navigate your pets’ room at almost any angle as you can pan and tilt up to 90 degrees by 355 degrees. The lens boasts 3 megapixels of resolution and can generate videos of up to 1280p by 720p.

The framework also features remote camera pan, zoom and tilt which ensures that you can see a clear picture of your pet. As a pet owner, you may be looking for a device that lets you store some footages. If so, this camera comes with a micro SD slot that can support up to 64 GB storage. This will ensure that you gain more control over your pet’s behavior. The camera features 10 IR LEDs for night vision which has extended reach of up to 20 Ft. to ensure that you don’t miss a thing due to low light levels.

It also features IR-CUT filter which aids in a true color display. You pet camera syncs with both Android and Apple phones via the Nexgadget smartphone app which allows you to monitor your pets’ activities day and night. It’s via this app that you’ll get direct notifications, especially via the motion sensor feature.

best gps dog tackers“It comes with a video live streaming feature which is enhanced by the night vision feature. It comes with a two-way audio system with a responsive and advanced microphone. This lets you communicate with your pet and hear them make responses.”
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The Good

  • Has a light definition LED display
  • Has 10 IR LEDs for Night vision
  • Video stream at 1280p X 720 HD Quality
  • Supports SD Card (Max 64 GB)
  • High-quality video and image
  • Quick access via Smartphone App
  • Has Multiple placements

The Bad

  • May lag at times when connecting to the server
  • The screen is fairly small

Before the onset of home Wi-Fi tech, pet lovers had to endure the challenge of having to leave their pets behind and not keep in touch with them. Luckily technology is quickly catching up, and it’s now easier than ever to keep in touch with your pet no matter where you are.

The latest pet camera flagship from Motorola; the Motorola scout 66 boasts of new and improved communication features such as the ability to connect to your home Wi-Fi for all data transmissions. With this feature, you can now stream good quality live stream of your furry friends.

best gps dog tackers“To further enhance the remote access capabilities of this pet camera, Motorola did design a mobile app, of cause both iOS and Android devices are supported. The app will guide you through the setup process, and the connection is secure and will ensure your privacy remains paramount. On the other hand, if you want to share the video stream with your family and friends, you can easily send share the footage.”
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The Good

  • Wi-Fi access enabled for over the internet data transfer.
  • Notifications for keeping you informed, these include temperature, sound, and motion.
  • 2- Way communication, allows you to communicate with your pets even as you continue to monitor them.
  • 720P live stream video support, this is farther enhanced by zooming capability.
  • Infrared night vision, never worry about the lights while monitoring your pets.
  • Easy communication to and fro
  • The app is compatible with both Android and iOS.
  • The camera is pet-focused.
  • Ability to send automatic notifications.
  • Automatically monitor the room temperature to ensure that your pet is in comfortable conditions.

The Bad

  • The device is rather pricey
  • The camera does not support pan and tilt

Pawbo life goes beyond just communications; the gadget was designed around the idea of allowing you to keep in touch with your pet at all times. To do so, it packs a camera for all your live streaming needs as well as a treat dispenser. This will allow you to reward your pets even when you are away.

If you want to keep a detailed watch over your pet, you can quickly do so using the app to get notifications from the camera. These include sound, motion, and temperature. Such information can even be used to detect if your pet isn’t feeling well allowing you to seek opinion on time.

best gps dog tackers“Any pet-centric homeowner knows that pets can get rather excited especially when treats are involved. As a result, the camera might get knocked over. This is the primary reason why the camera is equipped with a DC power supply instead of the usual USB power supply. As a result, you will never have to worry about disconnections.”
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The Good

  • Two-way audio, which allows you to “speak” with your pet easily
  • 720P live stream video plus ability to share snaps to social media
  • Treat dispenser will enable you to reward your pet on the go
  • Laser pointer, this will allow you to play games with your pet even when you are away
  • 130 degrees wide angle lens for room scale footage.
  • The app works seamlessly and is supported by both Android and IOS platforms
  • Good quality two-way audio transmission
  • Built-in laser tag game
  • Secure content sharing over social media directly from the app.
  • Dropbox integration for backing up content

The Bad

  • May lag at times when connecting to the server
  • The screen is fairly small

Unlike other pet cameras that are mainly focused only on your pet, the Canary All-in-One Indoor camera promises more than just keeping in touch. The company behind it says the camera will be your eyes and ears when you are not around. And rather not surprisingly that’s exactly what it does as the camera comes with an inbuilt alarm that can function to scare off intruders. Also, you can use it if your pets start misbehaving, you can manually trigger the siren to let them know you are still watching.

The camera is Wi-Fi ready, and you can easily set it up to use your home network, this will enable it to send notifications to your smartphone automatically. What’s more, the app allows you to live stream from home.

The device supports multiple modes such as the home mode where the device will recognize your family members as well as pets and not trigger the alarm. In night mode, the device relies on the infra-red sensor to recognize any movements in the night. The away mode acts as a security camera system whereby the device will even trigger the alarm in case of intruders coming into your home.

best gps dog tackers“The notifications feature will alert you in case of any changes in the room; it also monitors changes in air temperature, air quality, and humidity.”
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The Good

  • 1080P video quality
  • The built-in siren can be used to warn off pets as well as scare off intruders
  • Two-way canary talk, this will allow you to communicate with your pets
  • 24 hours of cloud storage for future analysis
  • Various environment quality sensors such as air quality and humidity sensors
  • Easy setup and account t activation
  • Ability to view either live or recorded activities
  • Get alerts on the go
  • Stay in touch with

The Bad

  • Some of the features require a premium subscription

Wrap Up

With the above ten best pet cameras, I believe that you will have an easier time choosing the best one for your needs. All of them have been proven to be reliable, are feature-rich, and durable.
Guaranteed to offer top quality and value, our top ten picks should at least give you an idea of what to expect from the best pet camera. Of course, any of the above pet cameras will not disappoint and will offer the best value for your money. Hopefully, you will find a suitable one on my list as that will make your search for best pet camera easier.

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