Top 5 Walk Through Baby Gate

For those with kids, at some point of their growth, having a baby gate proves to be an essential in your everyday life.


To step over a gate each time you need to pass through will become annoying fast. The walk through design allows adults to walk through by simply sliding the safety lock back and lifting the lever handle, leaving enough space for you to walk through. This is also to ensure restriction within a certain point or even barring the baby from gaining entry to areas that may pose a danger to them such as fireplaces. Now, that there are plenty of these products in the market, it is also hectic to determine the most ideal for your application.

To eliminate the stress in the process of buying, here is a list of the top 5 walkthrough baby gates. The list includes the specification as well as the unique features that makes the highlighted gates appear in the top list.

Coming at number five, the Deluxe Décor Gate from North states has a matte Bronze finish and can fits Spaces in the range of 38.3 to 72 inches wide and 30 inches high. The gate is ideal for areas with wide openings such as between rooms or at the bottom of the stairs owing to its dimension. The gate has heavy-duty construction from solid metal. Also, the arched is also wider compared to most gates in the market at 25.5” thus making passage easy even when with luggage or even the baby.

Apart from the arched gate which offers sufficient passage, the gate can also open from both sides. This is very useful especially when it comes to passing large objects through the areas where the walk through baby gate is installed. Also for the arched gate has a feature that allows you to leave it open if need be. This is very useful when you want to create a passage to facilitate movement of the baby or even yourself without having to open the gate every time. A six-bar extension which is sold separately is also available currently, and it allows the gate to extend for another 15” which is quite ideal for larger spaces.

The gate can be installed at virtually any space given that it can work on an angled wall and also on a straight across the wall. In addition, given that there are times you do not have to have the gate in place, with the Deluxe Décor Gate, installation and removal is easy. It is also lightweight thus making the process and storage easy to be done by a single person. With this, the brackets, you can leave them on the wall for easy installation later.

walk through baby gate“This gate has an enourmous amount of customer reviews, at time of writing, 2,520 to be exact. So you know your getting a good sense of the qulity when you read the reviews. This gate scores a 4.5 out of 5 stars on the website”

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The Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate is the solution you need when your kid starts crawling or walking. The gate is super wide and thus very ideal for extending areas. Yeah, the gate can extend up to 192” and can create an enclosure with an area of 19 square feet making it ideal for virtually any application. To achieve this, the gate comes with 8 removable panels that are removable and can take a number of configurations. Owing to the multiple functionalities, it is thus a great buy and value for money as it can be used as a walk through baby gate while at the same time as a play yard.

With this gate, you will be at a great convenience and peace of mind knowing that your baby is safe from areas that may pose threats such as stairs and kitchen. At the same time, it will allow you to work in a different area while the baby is safely restricted from it such as when cleaning. When it comes to set up and storage, this is a breeze owing to the lightweight design and the steel structure also makes it durable.

The gate is certified by the juvenile product association, and it has also proven to be ideal for pets. Also being one of the leading products by Regalo, you can trust on the quality as well as the multiple applications that the gate can be deployed in. The price is also attractive from, and this comes with free shipping which is a great plus. From the reviews on the site from those that have purchased the product previously, the feedback and level of satisfaction is great.

walk through baby gate“This model as well as over 2500 reviews, many reviewing this gate at 5 stars! In total this gate has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars”

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The Regalo Easy Open 50 Inch Wide Baby Gate is yet another walk through baby gate from Regalo to make it on this list. This appearance stamps the competence of the company in this category further. It offers a great fit for areas such as doorways and hallways and comes with 2 extension kits one measuring 6 inches while the second 1 inches. As a result, it can fit in spaces between 29 and 50 inches comfortable and offers a height of 30 inches making it enough restriction for kids.

When it comes to the wall mounts, the Regalo Easy Open 50 Inch Wide Baby Gate offers the innovative pressure mounts. With these, set up does not require tools and it is also very simplified the same case with removal. In addition, this also ensures that there is no damage to the wall during the process eliminating the need for repainting the area. At a fair retail price, with free shipping, this is a good deal and definite value for money, but you have to contend with the small size.

The gate allows for opening with one hand and thus making passage easy especially when you have something on the other hand. It is ideal for the kids between the age of six months to two years, and it has also proven to be quite useful for pets. This makes it a win-win given that even when the kid grows big, you can still use it for your pets and more so at their tender age when they have learned all the jumping. The assembly time is also impressive with many people reporting to have done it in as little as 5 minutes.

walk through baby gates“This model has even more reviews then the last 2, has we move on down the list, the reviews are going up in numbers! This gate has almost 3500 hundread reviews at time fo writing, scoring a 3.6 stars out of 5!”

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The Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate is a fantastic walk through baby gate that has had impressive sales on Amazon with great reviews from the customers. It has a height of 36 inches which is quite sufficient for babies and is designed to fit into openings in the range of 28 to 48 inches. The gate comes with two mounting options, one being pressure mounting though you could also opt for hardware installation on areas such as stairways.

At a low cost, free shipping, and with all the features indicated, this is value for money. The gate also features dual locking and an auto locking system. The ratchet system that comes with the gate is also baby safe, and thus you can be assured they will not cause injury to your baby during use. The gate is available in either beige or bronze color, and these are colors you can be sure they will complement the look of your home.

The installation and storage of this gate is like with the majority of the walkthrough gates, very easy. This model can open either way, with using only 1 hand, which is perfect when you’re carrying the kid and need to get by. This model can be installed with either the pressure mount system or the hardware mounting system, making this gate good for the top of stairs and other high danger areas.

walk through baby gate“And like I said has we go down, more and more reviews giving you even more affirmation on what your buying, the almost 5000 reviews on this gate aren’t liying to you!”

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The Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate tops our list for the products in the walk through baby gates. With the white color, this can literally integrate with any home without bringing a sense of inconsistency. The gate is designed to fit an area between 29 to 39 inches though there are extensions which are available separately that can be deployed to extend this length to 60 inches, and it stands 30 inches tall.

There have been a number of comments online that the gate got delivered bent. However, this not the case in the most cases but rather the design of the gate and reading the product instructions could help you a lot. The gate features a lever style handle that allows for a one-touch release when opening thus making it usable with a single hand.

The Regalo gate will provide you will a level of comfort you weren’t expecting, this gate is made from all steel, no cheap plastics here, ready to hold to even the worst of toddlers. The designers made sure convince was at the top of their priority’s. This baby gate is installed and taken down in near minutes. Each of the mounts can be adjusted to fit just perfectly giving you a secure and safe installation.

The Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate retails at a very low price on Amazon and comes with free shipping. This is very affordable given the top quality offered and this could explain why it is the top-rated walk through baby gate on Amazon with matching top reviews.

retractable baby gate“And like I said, the last gate has an imaginable 7000+ reviews!! This makes the credibility of the reviews very strong. Scoring at healthy 4.2 out of 5 stars, this gate tops our walk through gate.”

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#1. Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate