Top 5 Best Baby Gates For Stairs With Banisters

You want to protect your stairs from potential falls, but your stairs with banisters don’t have any walls you can use to anchor to, and you certainly don’t want to drill holes in your banisters. Need not worry, there are gates made with adapters made especially for this purpose.

Top Pick

It’s really hard to actually find the gates that are able to do all the things you need, top of the stairs, swings open and not automatic, could attach to banister without drilling, and could attach to a wall with molding. It’s something that not every baby gate for stairs can do, and most likely you’ll be installing a baby gate like this at the top of stairs with banisters, so you really don’t want to cheap out on this one! We came up with a list of the top gates for stairs with banisters that you can find on amazon today, that come with or have adapters you can buy to securely and safely install that specific baby gate onto stairs with banisters.

Our #1 pick is also our #1 pick for The Top 5 Best Retractable Baby Gates, find why it’s #1 again below!

Adapters are made also that will make just about any gate a gate for the top of stairs with banisters, but we wanted to stick to the top gates that come with the adapters included or made specifically for that gate. WE ALSO REVIEW THESE ADAPTERS ON OUR POST ABOUT BANISTER ADAPTER KITS

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Alright, Onto What You Came Here Looking For!

Gate For Stairs With BanistersMax WidthHeightRatingPrice

Retract-A-Gate Safety Gate
72" or 52"34"4.4 stars from 67 reviews
View Price

Summer Infant Deluxe Stairway Simple to Secure Wood Gate with Banister Installation Kit
30" to 48"32"3.8 stars from 79 reviews
View Price

The Stair Barrier - Bannister-to-Bannister Indoor/Outdoor Baby/Pet Gate
32" to 42"32"4.1 stars from 19 reviews
View Price

KidCo Safeway Gate, Top of Stairs Gate, Black with Stairway Installation Kit
24.75" to 43.5"30.5"4.0 stars from 573 reviews
View Price

Regalo Top Of Stairs Expandable Metal Gate, With Mounting Kit
28" to 42"30.53.2 stars from 503 reviews
View Price

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In the last place for our list of best baby gates for top stairs with banisters, we have the Regalo Expandable Gate For Top Of Stairs. Now this model stands in last spot for us, but it is also the cheapest priced of all 5. If your not looking to spend the big bucks, this model might be exactly what you’re looking for, it is still a quality gate with over 500 reviews, and the price is just right.
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Regalo has included with this gate a universal installation kit that will fit just about 99% of all stairway installations. When reading the reviews tho, we find that their system is a little flawed and your banister must be about 3″ round or more for the system to work without being altered.

With the simple glide technology they have developed, this top of stairs with banister gate is able to expand and fit stairways between 28″ and 42″, and still be easy to slide one way or the other.

With the included adapter kit, you will not need to drill into or make any kind of marks  on your banisters. In the package comes hardware for 2 banisters, two walls or a banister to a wall setup. The side with the hinges for the top of stairs gate with banisters, can be installed either on the banister or on the wall side. And the banister mount system works great!

Regalos Top Of Stairs With BanistersThe Regalo Baby Gate For Stairs With Banister Mounts is made totally from an all steel construction. You really fell like this gate is solid, strong and secure. It really does give you a little piece of mind when you certain that a device is going to work how it’s supposed to.

The walk through door on this model opens with a simple squeeze of the latch,  easy enough for your hand but to hard for any child.

Best of all, this model is totally portable, with the banister-mounting system, it only takes a minute to take it apart and put away into a storage area.

The Good

  • Lightweight And Portable
  • All Steel Construction
  • JPMA Certified
  • Comes With Mounting Options For Baseboards And Banisters
  • Gate Swings Both Way
  • Top Of Stairs

The Bad

  • The Instructions Suck
  • Installation Is Tricky
  • The Straps Sometimes Losen Up And Need Retightening
  • Need Extra Parts To Attach To Very Small Banisters
  • Velcro Can Rip From Over Tightening
  • The Knob Meant To Sit On The Floor, Rubs On The Carpet And Is Not High Enough

amazon-reviewsThis gate has a ton of reviews on amazon, well for a top of stairs gate anyway. With 506 reviews, the Regalo Gate scores 3.2 stars out of 5, making this our 5th. choice. Also, Regalo rep has answered 86 questions, feel free to ask away!

Click here and view the amazon reviews from real people.

#5: Regalo Top Of Stairs Expandable Metal Gate, With Mounting Kit

Standing in 4th. place in our list of the Top 5 Best Top Of Stairs Gate With Banisters is the Kidco Safety Gate. This gate that they put together was specially designed for the top of stairs use, but it also comes with everything you need to set it up in a hallway or to just use it as a room divider.

One of the neat features this model as is, the stop pin which prevents the gate from opening both ways so that it doesn’t open over the stairs which could be dangerous.
This expandable gate is very sturdy, some of the buyers have bought several of these gates (4 on customers says!) and very pleased with every one of them, you can view their reviews!

The Kidco gate is basically held together with some bolts to approximately the width that you need, and then you make the final adjustments with the adjustments bolts in the corners, kind of like how a pressure mounting system works.

Ok soo here’s the BIGGEST advantage to this gate I think, all the mounting hardware and hinges are tuck right close to the wall, taking almost no place, and leaving you with a full-width opening.

This is an expandable gate, it can cross really wide or really narrow areas, from 27 to 43 inches wide.

All the top of stairs gates are hardware mounted, of course, to provide maximum safety, and because of the hardware mounting system we are able to get a gate that doesn’t have any bars at the bottom middle like a pressure type gate that could potentially trip a person or a child.

amazon-reviewsAs I read the reviews, so many people that have boughten this model are actually buying MORE, now that they’ve figured out how to install it properly, and the quality of this gate, they want more!

No joke, read the reviews here!.

The Good

  • Comes With Banister Kit
  • Easy To Install
  • Easy To Open/Close
  • No Tripping Hazard
  • Hardware Mount
  • Instructions Are Clear
  • Comes With Install Template

The Bad

  • The Bottom Hinge Hanger Is Plastic
  • Install Kit For Banister Made From Cheap Wood
  • Some Complain That Latch Is Not Safe
  • Lining Up The Bottom And Top At Once Can Be Tricky
  • Self Closing Spring Is Weak And Doesn’t Last Long
  • Banister Clamps Have Sharp Corners

Onto our 3rd pick for the Top 5 Best Baby Gates For Stairs With Banisters, we have the model designed by The Stair Barrier. So now here we have a brand new style of safety gate, one that was designed with only one thing in mind, keeping your kids or pet confined to a particular level in your home.

So the stair barrier works great at keeping the kids or pets at bay, which we’ll elaborate on in a sec, but what I really like about this style is, it looks really cool. It doesn’t look like any gate you’ve ever seen, really looks like exactly what its supposed to be, a barrier!

Safer never looked so good!

They designed this model  to be used either indoors or outdoors, the canvas fabric is made from a high-quality material that is both mildew and weather resistant.  This barrier was designed with the idea that is was going to be used at the bottom of a staircase, but of course you can set it where ever you like, it available in 2 sizes, the wide gate fitting openings from 43 to 53 inches,  and the regular size gate going from 36 to 42 inches wide. Both which stand at 32 inches tall.

logo-1Kind of like the other retractable gates we reviews, this one rolls up and can be tied up to the side when not in use. I really like the fact that this style is lightweight, and can be removed, installed elsewhere, and then back in just a matter of seconds,  with no tools, drilling or permanent setup of any kind. Unroll, tie it up and its good to go.

Once you got this setup in your staircase, it looks like a wall, and it really deters most from even attempting to overcome the barrier. But if put to the test, this gate will resist most attacks!

This barrier makes a great alterative to the so common wooden or steel gate, which are usually stationary and damage your wood or furniture. This barrier doesn’t do any of the above, you just put it up, and take it down when ever.

A drawback to this model is that the clips are not the easiest to mount and unmount, and many times you may find yourself just stepping over the gate to get by instead of taking it down.

Still makes for a great option if your not into the wooden or metal types of gates!

amazon-reviewsWith 23 real reviews on amazon, most people are actually happy with what they got, getting an overall 4.0 out of 5 stars

No joke, read the reviews here!.

The Good

  • Rolls Aways For Easy Storage
  • Made For Bottom Of Stairs
  • Great Alternative
  • Looks Like A Wall
  • High Quality Fabric
  • No Need For Instructions
  • Perfect For Banisters

The Bad

  • Must Unclip To Open
  • No Hardware Mounts
  • Some Complain That A Dog Maybe Able To Out Weight The Gate

Our number 2 pick for the Top 5 Gates For Banisters, is at gate made by Summer Infant, called the Deluxe Top Of Stair Gate With Dual Banister Kit!

This style was totally designed for a stairway that has a dual banister setup. It’s not really meant for any other setup, but since we are doing a post on banister gate, I figured I should rank this one kind of high on the list.

So … DUAL BANISTER setup only, but if that what you’re looking for, it’s just perfect, There’s no drilling of any kind involved that would damage the banisters in any way if they are square banisters.

Made Ready For Top Or Bottom Of Stairs

Now unfortunately, if you got all round banisters, there is some drilling required. This gate also can fit as a wall/banister combo if you dont have a baseboard on the wall. If you do, you might have to do some modifying to the setup.  Again with the wall/banister combo, there is some drilling required in the wall.

It only takes about 30 minutes to install, the instructions are fairly clear, but it was easily figured out.

The gate does swing both ways, what ever way you are going! It really makes it easy to access the stairs.

Banister To Wall Gate

Summer InfantThe quick release mechanism makes it possible to remove the gate and reinstall later with ease.

The color is just right, a honey oak wood with a chocolate accents! It looks classy, it’ll fit right in.

Have real peace of mind, once you see this gate all setup, you know it’s secure and you have nothing to worry.

Security … with style !

amazon-reviewsThis model only got 2 reviews so far on amazon, but I felt that since this post is about banister gates, it’s number 2.

So go ahead, and  read the reviews here!.

The Good

  • Perfect For Banister To Banister
  • Made For Top Or Bottom Of Stairs
  • Attractive Color
  • No Damage On Square Banisters
  • Very Sturdy Once Installed
  • 100% Kid Safe

The Bad

  • Drilling Invovle On Round Banisters
  • Slips on Round Banisters If Drilling Or Modifing Made
Creating a safe environment is one of the most challenging responsibilities, especially for parents with climbing toddlers.
#2: Summer Infant Deluxe Stairway Simple to Secure Wood Gate

Onto our number #1 pick for our list of top 5 banister gates this 2017 is, The Retract-A-Gate safety gate 52″ ! Now this gate comes with a little bit of a bigger price tag, but if you read on, you’ll find out why we pick this the number one gate.

It’s well worth the money! Best gate around, just make sure you get the Stair Banister Adapter Kit for it.

  • This gate is made to go at the top or the bottom of your stairs, certified by the JPMA.
  • The mesh is pet proof, ready for them claws, scratch resistant material
  • Can be opened and closed using only one hand, easily and quietly
  • Mesh can be washed, extremely tough see-through fabric
  • Kids aren’t able to figure out how to open the gate
  • 34″ tall, can fit opening up to 72″ wide
  • Great for the outdoors as well, on decks, porches,  boats or your motor home
  • With additional mounting brackets, you can move the gate to an alternate location in seconds

Top Banister To Banister Retractable Gate
While it looks stylish, it practically disappears when retracted. When they designed this gate, what they were thinking was a simple installation, ease of use, durability, and most of all, safety. Altho other models are a cheaper price, you cannot put a price on safety. And this model stands above all. The makers of this gate have extensively tested all retractable gates, and have made theirs just better than any other model out there this 2017.

Here are a few things that make this gate just better.

Retract Gate For Stairs With Banister

  • Compared to others, gate is quiet when retracting
  • Other models have an ugly mounting hardware, retract-a-gate have clear, nearly invisible brackets
  • All other retractable gates only reach 55 inches, this gate reaches 72 inches
  • You can actually connect more than one gate together and cover a huge distance
  • Not many gates are certified by the JPMA, this one is for top and bottom of stairs
  • Other gates have complicated locking mechanism, this one on this gate is easy to open, but still child proof
  • Gate actually retracts all by its self, no need for manual winding
  • Not one gate on the market enables simple relocation using additional brackets
  • Gate is not from china, the gate is USA quality.
  • The gate has won many awards including awards from iParenting media award and Parent Tested Parent Approved award.

The retract-a-gate banister to banister gate was designed to be easily installed, with many different ways of installing. It can go inside a walkway, around the corner of a walkway, at the top of stairs, the bottom of stairs, or even at an angle. There is none other in the retractable class of gates that are simple, durable, and easy to install like this one.
Installing this gate:
With the Stair Banister Adapter Kit, you will not need to drill any holes into your posts of spindles. Or else you’ll be installing 4 brackets for the gate to mount onto. The brackets mount at 3 and 31 inches tall and need 2.5 inches of flat surface to attach to. Then you snap the gate on and voila. Done.

Best Banister Gate

amazon-reviewsThis gate has a shit ton of reviews on amazon, 93 reviews of real customers, rating this model a 4.3 out of 5. Making this model our #1 pick.

Click here and view the amazon reviews from real people.

Below is ONE customer review, visit their site HERE and watch dozens of video reviews for real customers

#1: Retract-A-Gate SafetyGgate

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