Top 5 Plastic Baby Gates

When your baby crawls or walks for the first time, everyone is filled with joy. However, active toddlers are no longer as easy to keep an eye on when they walk. Honestly, it is impossible to watch your baby all the time. Baby proofing your home becomes essential at this point, especially when they start peering down the stairs or crawling into the kitchen.

The 2 Categories

Baby Gates are an effective solution that ensures your child’s curiosity does not lead to harm, there are two types of baby gates.
, the hard-mounted baby gates that are bolted to the wall frames. They are suitable for use on stairs because they’re securely mounted into the banister or wall to prevent your child from falling right down the stairs.
The second category entails pressure-mounted gates that are installed by pressing them against two opposing walls. They are suitable for use between rooms in a house to keep your child within the approved area. They are not in general recommended for use at the top of stairs because they can potentially come loose once pushed on by little ones and thus needs tightening. Nonetheless, most people prefer pressure mounted gates because they can be removed after the baby has grown without any damage to the walls.

With the above in mind, it’s always a good idea to install and use baby gates according to the manufacturer’s instructions. However, with the variety of baby gate brands on the market, the big question is, what plastic baby gate should you buy?

Here are the top 5 plastic gates that have claim great sales:

#1: The North States Ivory Supergate, Extra-Wide


North States is among the best brands and the Supergate Extra-Wide is exquisite at its price point. It’s wider than most models, and it is suited for larger doorways and stairways. The robust design makes it practical even for toddlers who lean on the gate. The pressure mounts used are very efficient, ensuring strength and cause nearly no damage to the walls.



One feature that endears the Supergate Ergo Ivory plastic gate is the versatility. It can easily attach to walls and doorways of different sizes. The combined ease of attaching and detaching, make it easy to move it around the house depending on where your child will be. It is long enough for spacious rooms and doorways.

#2: Evenflo Soft and Wide gate

Most of the baby gates in the list are designed to be used in one home. However, the Evenflo portable gate is ideal for journeys where conventional baby gates are a hustle.The design is made of a plastic frame and a polyester cloth.
This is useful when traveling with crawling toddlers. It is ideal for vacations and relative visits. The light frame ensures that air travel is still affordable. The main caveat is that it should not be used for children over one year or on stairways. As a portable plastic baby gate, it provides the flexibility that the others do not offer.

Evenflo Soft N Wide Gate
Price Disclaimer

#3: Surround 6-panel Summer Infant Secure Play Safe Play Yard


You may sometimes want your child to play outdoors, and indoor baby gates will do little to protect him or her. However, the summer infant secure play safe play yard is a baby gate made of six panels that provide adequate protection while giving your child freedom to play. This gate is perfect becasue it cab be used inside and outside with peace of mind.


The height is 30 inches, making it effective even for two-year toddlers. The sturdy design is robust enough to hold a child’s weight when leaning against it. Portability is the focal feature of this baby gate. The plastics used to make this gate is light, increasing portability while remaining durable.

#4: North States Plastic Stairway Gate


You can now keep your curious cruiser within child-friendly areas with the North States Plastic Stairway Gate. This plastic gate complements your home by retaining an appealing look as it blends with your house decor while at the same time keeping baby safe by restricting him to access certain areas.

Unlike other North States baby gate on the list, this plastic stairway gate has a simpler design. Instead of the plastic reinforcements on the other models, this one has a uni-body design to make it lighter and more portable. The gate is recommended for curious children who have developed a habit of leaning on baby gates.

#5: Safety 1st Swing Gate


Offering maximum peace of mind, Safety 1st swing gate is perfect for busy moms and dads. It’s the most polarizing baby gate on the list. However, most of those who love the product become die-hard fans. It has been built as a portable gate designed for stairways and doorways. The ease in mounting and un-mounting make it a favorite for parents who want to move from room to room with the baby.



The adjustable length makes it ideal for any stairway or doorway. It also has a color indicator that allows the parent to confirm whether it is left open or closed. The plastic design is quite strong, and at just under 11 pounds, it is easy to carry in one hand.

When you bring that new life to the world, all the family members are likely to be excited and look forward to his coming. As a result, preparation for newborn baby with things including clothes, powered milk, toys, and more so a baby gates must be carried with much cautiousness. Besides, the baby safety is an essential part, which cannot be ignored, and thus a smart thing to do is to install a plastic baby gate. Plastic baby gates are sturdier than wood gates and last longer than metal gates that tend to rust over time. They do not damage your walls, and they protect your child from accidents at an affordable cost.Stay at home parents can keep their children safe while doing household chores. When looking best plastic baby gate, these five give both diversity and versatility.

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  1. All are nice products. Generally, these gates may seem like a trap or closed world. But for the safety of the child baby safety gates work very well.

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