How To Use Dog Clippers

How to Properly Use a Clipper to Trim Your Dog’s Hair

Dog lovers are always getting caught between the decision to cut the hair DIY, or to hire a professional groomer to do the heavy lifting. If you don’t want to spend money on a groomer, the ideal thing to do is to get a dog clipper and do it yourself. Even though you are a newbie, you can start by observing a seasoned groomer at work. When you have the right tools from the Hair Clippers Club and some tips, it doesn’t have to be an uphill task cutting down your dog’s hair.

Preparing For Success

With the right clipper for your dog breed, cutting all that nasty hair doesn’t have to be a problem. You will need a plan on how to go about it. Generally, it should take you 15-30 minutes for the haircut. But how do you use the trimmer with all the mats and entangled hair? First, you need to wash the dog and brush off the entangled mats and ends. This makes is easy and comfortable for the both of you. You will have an easy time cutting the hair evenly.

There are clippers that will emit loud noise in the process. Make sure you keep such away. Your dog will not be comfortable with noisy clippers. In fact, the dog with a not so good temperament may not sit and wait for you to finish. Always look for low noise clippers that don’t leave your dog feeling apprehensive anytime you want to shave him. You need to consider some exercises before the shave. It helps the dog relax and settle and you can be off to a smooth shaving start.

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Using Clippers Safely

Before you embark on clipping your pet’s hair, make sure that the clipper is in good shape. The blades for instance should be sharp. The blunt ones will make the process painful and you may end up with a disjointed look. It’s advisable that you pick the clipper that works well with your dog’s hair. If you aren’t sure about the cut you want, consider using a guiding comb. It helps you get uniformed finish.

Be Careful With Your First Clip

Before you switch on the clipper, test it to ascertain that the ergonomics are okay. If it doesn’t feel right in your hands, you may end up with a poor finish. The more you have control over the clipper, the easier it is to achieve a desired cut. It’s wise that you start clipping an area that seems inconspicuous. Even if you make a mistake, it won’t be visible. You need to know the amount of hair that the clipper will cut down in one pass. This will help you find the right guiding comb. You can switch the blade if it’s cutting more than you need to cut.

It’s important to be conversant with blade numbers. There are lower numbers you can use for the rough cut while a higher blade number will lead to a finer and shortened results.

After some time, your blades will begin to heat up and it can be uncomfortable for the dog. You can use blade coolant or lubricant to tone the heat down. Ignoring the coolant can lead to misery on the dog’s part. You don’t want your dog to detest grooming time, since you always torture it with hot clipper blades. When using lubricant, make sure you wipe off any excess oil to avoid making the process messy.

How to Hold the Clippers

Clipper handling has an impact on how the cut looks. You need to know how to hold the device and you need to test out different angles. The base of the blade should pass parallel to the pet’s skin. For starters, you need to be gentle and slow with the clipper. Don’t move it too fast, avoid pulling on the hair. Gentle passes ensures that the hair gets cut when it gets into contact with the blades. Don’t hold the clipper tightly since it will hamper your ability to move according to the contours on the dog’s body.

You need to avoid tilting the blade directly on the dog’s skin. If you scoop up some part, you might end up cutting it. If you keep practicing the shave, it won’t take long for you to master the strokes and the passes.

Pass in the Right Direction

It’s important that you check the lay of the dog’s hair before you start clipping. This enables you to cut along the grain instead of against it. You will achieve a smooth finish if you aren’t clipping against the lay of the hair. Remember, the dog’s hair tends to grow differently in various body parts. You need to check every part to be sure of the lay instead of imagining that the hair is growing towards one direction all over the body.

Using Clippers for Matted Hair

If you have a dog whose hair is matted, consider stretching the skin for a smooth shave. With taut skin, it’s impossible to pull the hair or graze the skin. If your dog’s hair is extremely matted, use a round top pair of scissors to cut an entry point. Remember, you need to cut the opening with the scissor blades in a parallel angle.

How to Clip From the Top

The easiest pass to make is from the dog’s neck down to the tail. You need to cut from the top of the back down to the sides. Never cut from the bottom area of the stomach going up to the dogs back. You will be cutting against the lay of the hair and the results could get messed up.
Your dog has sensitive areas where the skin is loose. You need to be careful since the blades can gather and pinch the skin. This can be painful for the dog, and it can become uncooperative. Make sure that you spread the skin taut in such areas before you glide the clipper through. At the same time, you need to keep checking whether the blades are heating up. Touch your forearm with the clipper blade to deduce whether they are becoming too hot to use on the dog’s skin. You can use coolant to tame the heat.

Use Attachments

When using dog clippers, make sure they come with attachment combs. These guide combs will ensure safety and they will help you to discern the length of hair to cut. You can’t afford to stress yourself cutting with scissors when these combs come in handy. Remember to evaluate the blades according to the numbers. Blades with wide teeth can lead to serious cuts and gashes.

Tips On Cutting That Hair!!

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