Dog Gates

For some people, they can’t imagine going without a dog gate. Dogs sometimes are just not allowed in certain areas, and the most gate can easily be put up in about any door jam, in just minutes. But people often don’t know which dog gate to pick, here are some tips.

By the way, installing dog gates is not cruel to the animal in any way, dogs do need to be reminded with boundaries sometimes that you are the boss.

Some gates are design with pressure mounts, these are quick and easy to install with no tools required. But the pressure mount gates are much easier to tip over, hence you never want to use one of these types at the top of stairs.

Other Gates are design with hardware mounts. These of course can be screwed into the wall, making it much more secure but its not meant to be moved around.

Some dog gates have a door in themother gates are taller for the jumping kind of dog. Many to pick from, be sure to pick the right one for your beloved pet.

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