Small FreeStanding Gate By Four Paws 3-Panel Long, 17 Inch High

fourpaws gateWalk-over free standing wooden gates are very portable, they can be put up and taken down in no time, just about anywhere. This model is able to confine your small dog, but at the time not getting in your way. This gate it perfect for big large entryways and hallways that would normaly be to big for regular pet gates.

  •     64 inch long X 17 inch high X 3 panels (THIS MODEL HAS 3 PANELS)
  •     This gate made by Four Paws is perfect to safely secure your pets without creating a big barricade for people.
  •     This gate was made 17 inches high, making it easy for people to jump over top if needed. It also has solid wood bars for better strenght and good looks.
  •     This gate is setup on a 3 hinge system. It can be setup quickly and also be taken down and folded just as quick.
  •     You don't need any type of tools to assemble this unit.
  •     You can now safely block your pets from individual rooms without creating a barricade for people also.
  •     The Panels were intended to extend reaching in between 30 and 64 inches wide.
  •     With the 3 panels, you can set it up to make many different positions.
  •     Kids are able to get overtop this gate, but dogs cannot jump it.




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