Free Standing Gates
Richell-Mission-Aztec-Freestanding-Pet-Gate-0These gates can be positioned at different locations in the house to keep your pet from entering or they can be used for the purpose of keeping your pet in a certain contained area of your home.
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Pet Play PensplaypenOur selection doesn’t stop at gates, we have a great selection of pet foods, baby items, safety item, pet pens, on and on and on. One great item is the pet play pen, which also turn into a normal freestanding gate.
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Dog’s can’t verbally tell you what’s wrong with them, so taking their temperature can tell you a lot about how they’re feeling. That’s the first thing you would do with a child and it’s the first thing a vet…
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There are few things more adorable than a baby that has begun toddling around the house or a new puppy wandering aimlessly around investigating his new home.

However, both children under the age of 3 and pets are at a high risk of injury in their home as they begin to explore without regard to safety. While accidents will happen, there are ways to decrease the chances of your child or pet getting hurt. The addition of baby gates and pet gates in your home can dramatically decrease the potential for injury. However, it is imperative that you choose the right gate to meet your needs. There are a large assortment of baby and pet gates to choose from making it very difficult to determine which one to purchase. It is important have an understanding of the types of gates available.